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The Intentional Christian Woman

Rosa Alejandro

Are you so busy and overwhelmed that you can’t get enough time to connect with God? Are distractions robbing you of your time with Jesus? Is your motivation to spend time in the Word, just not what it used to be? Do you want to be more consistent in your personal bible study?


Welcome home sister. In this podcast, you will find time saving strategies that will help you be consistent in your personal bible study, so that you can better connect with God. You will find biblical encouragement and tips to eliminate those distractions. You will get inspired and motivated to rekindle your relationship with God!


Hey sister! I’m Rosie. A mom, wife, teacher, and devoted disciple of Jesus. Like you, I struggled to stay consistent with my bible study. When life got busy, I felt so overwhelmed that spending time in God’s word was no longer a priority. In my hardest season of life, my motivation to be in the bible grew weak, I lost my convictions, and walked away from God.


But by God’s grace, my faith was restored, and with a conviction to never take God’s Word for granted again. With God’s help I created effective Bible study routines that have completely transformed my walk with God, and have helped me stay motivated and consistent, even when time is tight. I developed a totally new mindset about the Bible and formed new habits that are here to stay and I want to share it all with you!


If you’re tired of letting the enemy steal away your time, energy, focus, and motivation, then sister, this podcast is for you.


So go reheat your coffee, dust off your journal and your Bible, and get ready to take back your time!


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